Friday, October 31, 2008

Kerala exp.

kochin police arrested...!
Sight of backwater from houseboat..

Athirapalli waterfalls...! Awesome

Rishikesh ParmarthNiketan


The Great Spider of my class


Alleppey Beach

Thursday, June 26, 2008


MBA me admission lene ke liye kya kya nahi karma padta. I had to go to Dehradun for the purpose of GD PI for admission in AMS. As haridwar is near to dehradun I stayed in haridwar.
Next day I went dehradun for the Gd and it was quite good, pi was not as good. They said that they’ll declare result at 3 pm but they didn’t. They told us to call tomorrow at 11am to know the result. I came back to haridwar. In the evening in Gangaa aarti, the environment was electrifying. In India the Gangaa is not just a river but India itself.
The water of Gangaa was ice-cold. I took bath in knee-deep water because flow of Gangaa was very high. Gangaa is associated with myths and realities. At the time of aarti I could see thousands of people at every ghat of Gangaa standing and sitting to get a glimpse of aarti. It was mesmerizing. I wasn’t in Haridwar for the first time but fourth time. But each time I feel that Gangaa is newer. Gangaa is rightfully Gangaa maa.
Next day I went Mansa devi via “udan-khatola”. The view from it is fabulous. I called AMS to know the result but all lines in Dehradun were disturbed due to some reason, so I could not get to know the result. Anyways I continued my journey. Next day again I got the chance to see the holy Gangaa aarti and it was pleasing experience. This time I didn’t take bath at “har ki pedi” because of lot of rush. But the cold water had a magical effect. Because of the rain of last night the colour of Gangaa changed but its flow was highly increased.
I was not alone in this journey, dad was with me. Otherwise it could have been a boring trip. It was my great fault that I forgot my camera at home. But then too I took some pictures from poor quality camera of my cell phone. I am attaching few pictures. And at the time of returning home from there I got the news that I am selected. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I hate late

I hate the people who are habitually late at all places. I don’t know how to deal with such people who are always late.

And more than anything I hate the people who cancel their program without any reason or just because of mood. Yesterday my friend told me to come at my home and it’s understandable that what would have been afterwards that I am writing all this.

Why people are tardy? And it’s tolerable that they are tardy, but it’s a very big thing to deal with people who don’t keep their words. I mean they don’t need any reason to cancel their program and they don’t even care for someone’s feelings and time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Share Market

I have been keep reading newspapers about growth of Indian stock market and was very fascinated with it. So I decided to learn something about it and purchase some shares.

I went to Religare and told them that I want to have some shares then I got to know that PAN card and Demate a/c is indispensable for purchasing shares. I opened my a/c and Now after few months in share market I am not sure whether I learned something about it but, yeah I can say that it’s not easy to double your money. Lol.

I purchased all the A and B category shares but I don’t know why when I purchase any share that starts falling down and never reach at my purchasing point. May be because I m a tyro and don’t know much about it. Now my family members have refused to give me any more cheque .I eventually purchased 100 shares of Suzlon and after 5 days Religare people called me and said to pay the cheque. I was in great dilemma that what I can do now.

Then I went to bank and asked them what is minimum balance for saving a/c. and then I calculated that all I have is 13500 rs. And then an idea struck my mind. I went to Religare and told them that I have to keep only 50 shares and remaining shares I’ll sell out when I reach at break even point. He agreed and I had a learning experience to never to purchase any share when I don’t have money.

I still watch cnbc and share market but now I can only watch it. I heard that empty pockets never held anyone back. So in real sense now I start learning about share market.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Do u know who is the cheapest creature in this universe? Well, I must not try to check your general knowledge. So, I m going to tell you the answer. And the answer is you. Yes you, I and we all, I mean human is the most selfish creature in this universe.

Human is the most unreliable among all the creatures. When we start any relationship with someone, we think that it is forever. But when someone else says something about them, we blindly trust and from that moment our viewpoint toward our relation changes. A seed of doubt is planted in our heart by someone else. My point is that we are so cheap that our doubts are also not our own but of credit.

Our relationship with anyone should not be affected by the grapevine. People are unchangeable. And also there is no need to change anyone but to ourselves. We must not mention anybody’s comment on our personal relationships. If someone praises you don’t be proud, if someone criticizes you don’t feel bad, praises and criticism are for naught. They have no value. If we are being praised now, next moment we can be condemned.

It is such a waste of time to even think of these tiny matters. All the great personalities were first being condemned and then they become respectable and now they have thousands of devotees. Why? The answer is very simple they never followed any public perception; they were what they really were. What people will say, they never cared for that. So friends, even we are not the great personalities if we don’t care about what people say, we’ll be able to live our life in a very simple and pleasant way.

We must not follow people but our instinct and it will tell us what is rite and what is wrong. By this way if we didn’t become great we’ll be no more cheap for sure.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Holi re..

Holi is very near. After hearing the word "Holi", my heart suddenly becomes cheerful. Holi is a festival of joy and colors. This festival is celebrated all over India in different forms.

It is said about India that it is a country of festivals. The festivals outnumbers the days of year. Although I like all the festivals but Holi is very special for me. From my childhood days, I remember that I used to play Holi with my brother and my "Gali friends”. I used to wait for Holi something one month before. And at the day of Holi I used to be on cloud nine. I have lots of friends with whom I played Holi and enjoyed.

Holi comes in Hindi month "falgun". Holi gives us message that life should not be dull but full of colors. One thing I like about Holi most is that people come together to celebrate Holi, no matter how different they are, how much disputes they have, and whether they belong to any age group, people enjoy the Holi with charm. Holi comes in autumn season, so nature is full of colors, the weather is very pleasant, farmers are happy with their crop and children are always full of energy to rock the Holi. Anybody can experience the energy and charm in the air before Holi. and still if u are not feeling the charm then take your ipod, mp3 player or whatever and start listening some Holi songs, it really works.

In our mythology, Holi is played by shri Krishna with Radha and other Gopis. Bhagwan Krishna is very fun loving. It is a very big message for all of us that when God is fun loving then why we are depressed. Are we busier then God??? Obviously no. So friends this Holi forget all your problems of life and just call all your friends and enemies and say Happy Holi.

Well, I can’t give you any ideas about what to do on this Holi because I have also not decided yet what to do. But one thing I’d like to tell you all that just be happy and feel the charm in the air, your Holi will definitely be special. And one more thing, HAPPY HOLI.......

Friday, March 14, 2008


I went Pune few days ago for the purpose of M.B.A. admission. It was a very hectic trip but we enjoyed. I am telling "we" because I had some friends and my cousin with. This was a memorable trip because we all learned something from this trip.
Our main aim of this trip was to take admission in "Bharti Vidya Peeth" Management College. But this trip was memorable because of lots of incidents. Firstly I want to tell all M.B.A. aspirants to study hard and take admissions via legal procedure, and never to contact any broker for the purpose of admission or for any “back door" procedure. Pune is a very big city and we were there for the first time. Nobody knew how to go but all knew where to go. So it is understandable what conditions we would have faced. We were fully exhausted after our journey but we were feeling more mature. I don't know why, but may be because we talked to so many brokers for the admission and ultimately we were undecided. So I think it a great victory for all of us.
The next day in Pune, we were at a restaurant for the breakfast and next to our table when our breakfast was almost completed, few foreigners came and sit. One of them was a girl. And we started staring at her. She was damn beautiful. I said to myself that in my life I never saw any girl more beautiful than her. She was indescribable thought I should talk to her, but then I thought to pay her bill. There she was not alone, one more girl and a guy was with her. I asked waiter that what they have ordered? He replied and said 70 rs. when I was about to pay their bill, waiter smiled and said, I have not finished yet sir, except this 2 soda, 3 cheese sandwiches, 1 pizza and ........... So on. So total is 470 rs. After hearing this all my friends started laughing. My friends and my cousin had a great time there. And I was like "mar gaya".
In the remaining days of our journey it was very hot topic. And it became a memorable breakfast for all of us and especially for ME.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hi friends, what are the biggest problems that a man suffers a lot ??? Answer, obviously, can not be unanimous. We can say employment problem, lack of money, family problems and financial problems and so on. But in my opinion and in my experience, I think the biggest problem of a man is his loneliness.
In the hectic schedule of our life we meet so many people, we talk so many people but in reality we all are alone. When the time comes to share our happiness or grief, we find no one. Loneliness has become inseparable part of our life. The real pain of loneliness can only be felt, it can not be expressed. Sometimes when I see the running crowd, I think that where are they all going? All are running but no one reaches where they really want to reach. Can this be called life?
Loneliness is felt by people of every age group. We have celphones, internet to talk anybody in this world, but when we really feel like calling someone, we don’t find anyone. Yes we don’t find anyone to whom we can share all our happiness or grief. We all are human beings and need someone to tell our experiences, emotions and feelings. We all do this and I don’t mean that we don’t find anyone to tell our stories, but I want to tell you that after sharing all our thoughts, we still feel like we should not have told it to them. They are really not interested in our stories but still the problem is that the pain of loneliness is so fierce that we can not stop ourselves from doing so.
Now question is that to whom we should express all our feelings? I want to tell u that there is someone only for you. You just need to find your other half in order to be a complete human being. And these meetings with our other half are planned by souls long before bodies see each other. So when we get our perfect counterpart we will be no more alone, even if we are alone just like now we are part of crowd, but alone. And again I want to say that it is pointless thinking that we could own another person, if we start thinking so, we are deceiving ourselves. If one can experience pleasure in loneliness then needless to find someone just to share feelings. So friends we all are starting a journey towards completeness of our souls...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jab we met & Ratlam

Hello friends, Today i m raising the topic which i think nobody else could have raised. I live in ratlam. It is a beautiful town and people live very peaceful life here. Ratlam is famous for its pure gold and sev. But recently it has become famous for a very peculiar reason.
Till now i was talking about the Ratlam before the release of the film "jab we met". Now ratlam is famous for its railway station and Hotel decent. A hotel which has no existence in Ratlam. Yes i m talking about the scenes of Jab we met which ,they say, are ratlam. Now our relatives who lives in Mumbai, Vadodara and Jaipur and my friends including net friends live in various parts of the country asks us about Ratlam,and we face a very strange situation. They asks us is it true that outside the Ratlam railway station whores are available?? I give them proper clarification about it. But those people who never came Ratlam and have no relatives in Ratlam, after seeing jab we met,they start thinking about ratlam with quite a different attitude. In ratlam railway station many guys traveling in the train come outside Ratlam station during their stoppage and seek for a chance. Needless to say that they are always disappointed.
Once i was traveling from Mumbai to Ratlam.and some guys sitting next to my seat were talking about Ratlam that whores and hustlers are available in Ratlam railway station.I was listening all the conversation,i thought Ratlam has not been as famous before.So all of u viewers if u want to know more about Ratlam, watch jab we met...
no no no...... just kidding yar...actually it is my frustration toward that film. Ratlam is not atall like that.It is a very big junction and most important railway station between Mumbai and Delhi.Being a ratlami,i thought that i should do something about the image of Ratlam,so i m attaching few pictures of Ratlam railway station with this article. Jab we met is really a very nice movie, but pure fiction. So friends next time when u see the movie keep it in mind…J

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you like your job ???

"Oh... Software engineer ... thats nice ... so do you like your job" ..... Then there was a brief silence as I was suddenly taken aback by an unexpected question shot at me. I was never posed this question, not in my 4 yrs as Software professional, not during 4 yrs of my college where I was studying major in Information Technology and for that matter not in last 25 yrs of my life.

But here I was thinking do I really like what I do ? Well... my answer to that question immediately was "Yes, I like my job in parts. There are some things I like some I don't". This I thought was a fair enough answer to that sincere question.

More about my answer later, but the person from whom this question came actually tells me loads about why I was never asked this before. So the person who asked me this was my cousin's Mother In-law. My cousin is Indian-American and his In-laws are Polish-American, in US for last 3 generations. So my inference was straight forward, we Indians do not emphasize enough on our liking or disliking before choosing a career but put all the weight on "Employability" of the option chosen.

How come all the top rankers choose Computer Science as Engineering branch in any competetive exams, be it IIT-JEE or MP PET.

In all these years, all the toppers 'liked' computer science over anything else. Strange.

This confirmed my belief, we Indians go by Employability and pay-checks over our liking for a particular field. Partly I thinks that is because of the Economic history of ours. ( I am not talking about Golden Bird period). But I do hope that things change and we choose our work based on what we like more than what is more likely to be rewarding.

Can we really excel, apply innovative ideas and lead the world if we had to push ourself to get to work every morning ?

After all this... I still wonder, Do I like my job? Do you ?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Divide and Rule ???

I had been a fan of Raj Thakare as I saw him as a progressive leader and potential to be national leader due to his thinking and youth. However seeing a person whom I admired so much, indulging in divisive politics fills my heart with shame. I undertand he has all the rights to talk about Marathi people but what purpose will be served if by stirring religious sentiments by calling “Chhat Pooja” as fraud ? By questioning or maligning a respected person like Amitabh Bachchhan? We are looking to build a new India, a India seen as World Leader in 21st century. For this to happen,our countrymen, be it South Indian, North Indian or from any part of our motherland needs to be treated equally in all parts of country.

I wonder how “Divide and Rule” policy of Britishers was any different then what our leaders are doing to us?

We have had enough of leaders who just for the sake of not being marginalised (as I see the reason of this event ) speaks of such unnecessary controversies and our innocent Indian people fall pray to that.
Lets see our country as one Nation… We all are Indians first and then, if at all needed , Marathi or Sindhi or Bihari….. lets work to build a prosperous nation one which people like Kalam are dreaming….