Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One thing I wonder whole world around me is getting mature. Only I am still immature. Whenever I talk to somebody I feel that the person is more realistic and mature now. Often I feel happy for it but I ask myself when is my turn to be mature??

I don’t know maturity is good or bad but mere me maturity kab ayegi yar…??? When I get mature only then I can say that it’s good or bad. If you want to know, then wait….

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Uncommon Cold

My head has become woollier, my eyes waters, my nose tips have become rough, my throat pains, I don’t feel like eating, I am not liking anything, I did almost nothing today, my mind has become obscure, I don’t know what am I exactly doing….

Clear symptoms of common cold :)
Couple of days ago I was reading a blog on cold and I didn’t realized it that I would be soon in the condition of writing on common cold. Cold is a communicative disease but does it spread by reading blogs on cold? :)Just kidding…

Rite now my granny called me for “Najar utarna”, it means to remove evil eye. I can’t say it works or not but its only about how much she cares for me. Now I am back in my room and just wondering what to do now?

Friday, February 5, 2010


Whenever someone asks me what are you studying, I say I am pursuing P.G.D.M. from Dehradun. And then people react as wow Dehradun, hill station, how far, what’s there to see, for what it is famous and so on….

I just say them that it’s famous for its cooling climate, Mussoorie, for I.M.A. and for F.R.I.

So now I am disclosing for what Dehradun is actually famous for. It might be of interest to outsiders but my friends of college know it very well and may add in this list. :)

List is simple -:

1. Weather
2. Wine
3. Women
Now what else can I say guys?? :))

If you don’t believe this, go and stay in Dehradun for at least a year…