Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ohhh Shit.....!!

Money lost nothing lost.
Heath lost something lost..
Character lost everything lost…

In my eyes this maxim is used for two kinds of people. First are those who have done something morally wrong and second for those who have lost a huge amount of money and people consoling him by saying this.

The day I started trading in Indian Commodity market, my mind is focused just on it. I am not eating, sleeping and doing anything timely. I could not sleep peacefully many nights just thinking about tomorrow’s move of commodities and my strategies for them.

But very soon I have realized that money making is not that easy. Today nobody could anticipate the trend of commodities and I also suffered a huge loss. I am studying and not started earning yet. Therefore, I did not reveal this news to my parents yet. Its 11:45 pm and sleep is faraway from my eyes. I am thinking about how I would tell it to them that I have sunk their money.

I don’t know much about Commodity market, I just follow my friend’s advice, he knows much better. But he has also lost 10 times more than me. Now I feel that Indian Commodity market is a pure gamble. All charts, trends are failed in it and it move haphazardly. I never give up anything but I have given up commodity trading for next 6 months till I come back to home next time for long and my friend has also given it up for 2 months.

I was in a party when I got this news and people around me were consoling me by saying that money lost is nothing lost.
Now I am just thinking about how I’ll tell them about this loss tomorrow morning… :(