Monday, March 22, 2010

What Goes Around--Comes Around

Why some people have bags of money and some are paupers? Why some people get respect from all and some people live their life in mediocrity? Why some people get attention from all and some are hardly listened?

I was going through a study on people. I wanted to know is it true that “ what goes around, comes around” I studied life of many people and I was taken aback by the results that it is 100% true. If you want money, give it away. You want respect give it away. You want love then give it away. It’s the easiest funda of living life in the way we want. In addition I’d say if you want message then send message to friends :)
It is synopsis of my study that whatever we do to other people will come to us back. Trust me it WILL come to us, it might not be in exact way but it will come in time. We’ll have to payback.

Now something interesting, my neighbor’s daughter eloped with her boyfriend yesterday. Lots of hue and cry is going on in the neighborhood. But I believe if the girl and boy are happy with each other then there should be no one protesting for their happiness whether it is parents, relatives, neighbors, friends or their ex- boyfriends or ex-girlfriends…. :)