Sunday, August 23, 2009


It never happens what we think. In all the circumstances of life I have realised it and now I strongly feel about it.

What we call life is a journey and this journey is always incomplete. It can only be felt complete when one is in company of Love. Everyone feel atleast once that his life is complete but, I never felt it and let me say that nobody's life is complete.

All desire and believe that someday they'll be complete. That day might be when they find a loving girl, caring family, gud job or a big house, any or all of these, but this day never arrives. Even if it arrives, the sense of completeness absent.

Only few days ago I was very happy and exultant that my life is going to be settled soon as I am getting everything I wanted but the truth is what I said earlier that you never get what you exactly want. You only get more MATURE. This maturity is worthless, To Hell with this maturity. But its Life... Chalta hai....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Atlas Shrugged

College has started again after a long vacation, All friends are readjusting themselves in the cooling environment of Dehradun.

I have also got big plans for this Sem. I never thought of job in the whole year, only enjoyed the environment and had fun with friends, but now I'll have to seriously look for a job and campus placement.

But for now I have free time in abundance and therefore I have started reading my unfinished novel "Atalas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. I have been a big reader of fiction novels but my interest in share and commodity market and investing habit kept me away from reading my favourites. Because movement of market takes so much energy and efforts of mine that I can't concentrate on anything else. Ayn Rand is an awesome novelist and I love reading Ayn Rand since I read "Fountainhead".

After coming here again I have become an oblivion about market and therefore I can concentrate on my novel.. :))