Thursday, May 15, 2008

I hate late

I hate the people who are habitually late at all places. I don’t know how to deal with such people who are always late.

And more than anything I hate the people who cancel their program without any reason or just because of mood. Yesterday my friend told me to come at my home and it’s understandable that what would have been afterwards that I am writing all this.

Why people are tardy? And it’s tolerable that they are tardy, but it’s a very big thing to deal with people who don’t keep their words. I mean they don’t need any reason to cancel their program and they don’t even care for someone’s feelings and time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Share Market

I have been keep reading newspapers about growth of Indian stock market and was very fascinated with it. So I decided to learn something about it and purchase some shares.

I went to Religare and told them that I want to have some shares then I got to know that PAN card and Demate a/c is indispensable for purchasing shares. I opened my a/c and Now after few months in share market I am not sure whether I learned something about it but, yeah I can say that it’s not easy to double your money. Lol.

I purchased all the A and B category shares but I don’t know why when I purchase any share that starts falling down and never reach at my purchasing point. May be because I m a tyro and don’t know much about it. Now my family members have refused to give me any more cheque .I eventually purchased 100 shares of Suzlon and after 5 days Religare people called me and said to pay the cheque. I was in great dilemma that what I can do now.

Then I went to bank and asked them what is minimum balance for saving a/c. and then I calculated that all I have is 13500 rs. And then an idea struck my mind. I went to Religare and told them that I have to keep only 50 shares and remaining shares I’ll sell out when I reach at break even point. He agreed and I had a learning experience to never to purchase any share when I don’t have money.

I still watch cnbc and share market but now I can only watch it. I heard that empty pockets never held anyone back. So in real sense now I start learning about share market.