Saturday, January 3, 2009

fun vanished...!

It’s our exam time and during the free time it’s our favorite pastime to lift any of our friends on the terrace and act like throwing him down. Though we don’t throw him but the one who is lifted clearly sees his life end. He feels so scared that starts shouting and it gives a lot of pleasure.

On my turn, same was the case with me. Once we three friends were enjoying on the terrace and came another neighborhood friend and we lifted him. One aunty was watching all these activities and thought that we are really throwing him down. She started yelling so I left the group and became a bystander. But rest of my friends continued and suddenly in this chaos his elbow struck the floor and he winced with pain. We were not taking it seriously and were laughing. But when the pain became unbearable we took him to the hospital and a serious fracture on his left elbow was detected.

We were shocked by the report. An operation was necessary and his parents were called. All our fun was vanished and enormous pressure was on us for misdeed. His parents came at 2 am and next day was our final paper of accounts. We were in tremendous pressure and a back in tomorrow’s paper was inevitable.
This incident left us in the sense of guilt. An innocent suffered because of silly behavior of us. The three of us were – Rahul, Abhishek and obviously me (Sachin). :(