Friday, September 24, 2010


Indian Police is disreputable for its functioning and corruption but here in my hometown Ratlam Police is precedent for its carefulness and on the taking action immediately.

These days police is taking very strong actions to arrest criminals and maintain communal harmony in city. Some furniture is being made in my shop and I was there and police came there and started checking vehicles for weapons and criminals.

I was sitting on my bike near them and watching all the activities then came city S.P. and police instantly became more alert. Policeman stopped a car and the driver did not stop and started arguing with policeman. S.P. Saab came there and slapped the driver and then all the policemen started beating the driver with foot and stick and I became uneasy seeing all this as it is my first chance witness police action. Again a biker came drunk and fought with policeman and then police arrested him and beat him aggressively.

Ratlam has just witnessed a communal riot and police took strong and quick action to control the riots and a curfew was charged in city for few days. People of minority religion are boiled at police and threatening the S.P. and Collector and therefore Police is very strict these days.
After watching all these chaos I couldn’t resist writing all these. At my way to home I told one of the police officer that folks of Ratlam are with the police and Police should be stricter to maintain peace in the city and arrest terrorists of minority population.