Thursday, June 26, 2008


MBA me admission lene ke liye kya kya nahi karma padta. I had to go to Dehradun for the purpose of GD PI for admission in AMS. As haridwar is near to dehradun I stayed in haridwar.
Next day I went dehradun for the Gd and it was quite good, pi was not as good. They said that they’ll declare result at 3 pm but they didn’t. They told us to call tomorrow at 11am to know the result. I came back to haridwar. In the evening in Gangaa aarti, the environment was electrifying. In India the Gangaa is not just a river but India itself.
The water of Gangaa was ice-cold. I took bath in knee-deep water because flow of Gangaa was very high. Gangaa is associated with myths and realities. At the time of aarti I could see thousands of people at every ghat of Gangaa standing and sitting to get a glimpse of aarti. It was mesmerizing. I wasn’t in Haridwar for the first time but fourth time. But each time I feel that Gangaa is newer. Gangaa is rightfully Gangaa maa.
Next day I went Mansa devi via “udan-khatola”. The view from it is fabulous. I called AMS to know the result but all lines in Dehradun were disturbed due to some reason, so I could not get to know the result. Anyways I continued my journey. Next day again I got the chance to see the holy Gangaa aarti and it was pleasing experience. This time I didn’t take bath at “har ki pedi” because of lot of rush. But the cold water had a magical effect. Because of the rain of last night the colour of Gangaa changed but its flow was highly increased.
I was not alone in this journey, dad was with me. Otherwise it could have been a boring trip. It was my great fault that I forgot my camera at home. But then too I took some pictures from poor quality camera of my cell phone. I am attaching few pictures. And at the time of returning home from there I got the news that I am selected. :)