Monday, October 12, 2009


Because of eventful and satisfying last night, I got up late today. Diwali is near and therefore all are busy in cleaning up their houses and same is the case in my home.

After taking shower I came in the dining room and I felt very lousy smell there. I told to mummi about that and she said it might be because of the dirty clothes but I said it smells like a rat and soon we discovered a dead dog behind the bed.

Now who’ll pick it?? I called some of my friends and they tried to arrange a man to take it out but failed all.
Eventually I bought a man for 100 rs. And he came with his equipments. We all were frustrated enough now as all our work was delayed only because of that dog. All neighbors had become aware of this news and all were interested in our next step.

I personally did not want to make much fuss about it but it was inevitable. But the climax was great fun. :) As the man entered the home and pushed bed aside that dead dog suddenly stood up and ran out of house and all the people around felt a pang of fear or laughter. I could not control my laughter as well as most of the neighbors. It has become a public issue in the meanwhile and some close relatives also called to know about the situation and were shocked to know that the dead dog ran. :)

This incident left us in the very jolly mood and all are now with full of energy as they got their overdose of laughter. :) The day is not over yet and I hope for an eventful evening and night as well. :)