Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shameful performance of Indian Team....

The way India played in this 20-20 world cup, whole nation is more shocked than sad. The way Dhoni played against West-Indies, all Indians were baffled that it is 20-20 or Test cricket. If Dhoni is not comfortable in 20-20 cricket then he should have thought of this as one-day cricket but what was the need to play Test Cricket in 20-20 matches.

He should realize that Cricket is not only a game in India but a Religion. When playing against England all felt that India is not playing to win, I also had the feeling that the match is fixed. Dhoni is main villain in this chapter. Even if India wins against South Africa in the last match of super eight, it’s not going to make any difference. And let me tell you that India will win this match because they have to reach home country after this match and they could imagine the kind of welcome they may receive at the Airports.

Dhoni should realize that feeling of billions of Indians is more important than anything, especially more important than money and brand value. Indian team has made all Indians feel shame not for loosing but for loosing in the intolerable way… :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009


GHAJINI is the excellent movie. From the day I watched Ghajini I have become a great fan of Asin.
I am completely driven by her. She is so beautiful that her image is still floating in my eyes.

The dialogue delivery of Asin is so real and charming.The character played by her i.e. “Kalpana” is such a character that nobody else could have played that role that beautifully. When I watched Ghajini for the first time, it was midnight and when Ghajini murdered Kalpana I was deeply disturbed, my eyes were dark red and I could not stop thinking about that wicked scene.

After watching Ghajini my idea for perfect girl has also changed. Now she should be only like Asin. People say that Asin is not so very beautiful but she looks gorgeous to me. Now my ideal match , at least in nature, should be like Kalpana. She is so charming that I am unable to resist myself thinking about her.

If I were the Director of Ghajini then I would not have let Kalpana murdered like that. She should have lived.
I am so impressed by Asin that I eventually decided to write a blog about her. This blog is dedicated to beautiful Asin…J))