Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazing people, Tragic ends

The other day one of India's top fashion model "Viveka Babajee" committed suicide. Hanged in her bedroom, with diary notes testifying her emotional turbulences and loneliness. There is a huge list of sucessful, have it all people who died or killed themselves tragically.

Marilyn Monroe before her `probable suicide’ said in an interview - “Sometimes I’m invited to places to brighten up a dinner table like a musician. You’re just an ornament.” Lucy Gordon (Spiderman fame) also suffered the same agony. An immense sense of loneliness, hopelessness and lack of belonging seems to overpower even the most gifted ones to end the beautiful gift of God, Life.

Things like this are extremely troubling and compels me to count my blessings. Family, friends, my town, my garden, my pets, the soothing morning breeze, the sun rise, the chirping of birds, the moist grass of the morning... there are so many reasons to live and make life more beautiful every day.

May God always be with all of us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul vs. Parrot..!

An octopus named Paul is predicting the winners in this fifa world cup. He is supposed to have psychic powers.

I just can’t understand why an octopus is at all interested in a football match? Or Paul is appointed only for prediction of football matches not for other things. :) Octopus has 8 legs but no hands it may also be the reason Paul loves football. lol
Nobody’s even thinking that these predictions can just be a coincidence. Great. :)

Indian astrologers have been predicting the future accurately with their parrot but they never received such publicity. Our Indian Astrologers may plan to buy these kinds of Octopuses for their Business development. :)  I would prefer the parrot to the octopus. What would you do??? :)))

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things that make me happy :) (4)

28. Enjoying being single and loving it.
29. Spontaneous inspiration.
30. Believing in miracles.
31. Knowing that I can do everything.
32. Working on new plans for a great future. :)
33. Taking pictures.
34. Rain and clouds.
35. When somebody comes to me for figuring out his/her problem and I don’t have slightest of idea as what to say now. :)
36. Watching comedy circus.  :)