Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna Hajare !!!

India is witnessing a great revolution. Anna Hajare and civil society has taken a step to ensure promising future of Indian youth. Whole nation is supporting this movement.

Only this cruel and wicked Congress government and some mindless, corrupt leaders like Lalu Yadav, Kapil Sibbal and Digvijay Singh  are against this movement and public serving JANLOKPAL bill.  Congress party will be thrown out of central Govt. for the decades in coming elections.

The future PM of congress party, Rahul Gandhi, is such a shameless personality that he had been underground and never spoke a word against corruption. This nation will never forgive Rahul Gandhi and his govt. for being against the nation and people. The govt. itself is so corrupt that it can never think of presenting a bill that would enforce them to be honest.

Anna Hajare and civil society – Nation is with you. It is the second war of freedom and in fact more difficult than previous one. Whole County has unite now to fight against corruption and corrupt govt. JAI HIND