Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ye Duniya....!

Since I read many books on various topics I developed the habit of studying people and their behavior.
Observations are damn shocking. People are really cheap. Everybody speaks of thousand of things but never keep their own words. It really sets me off that how people become so selfish that they fail to see the great values of life.
You can’t trust anyone this world except your family and close friends. The best thing is to trust on God, he is always with us and sees everything.
I wonder why I am writing about these terribly selfish people. May be because these people are everywhere or may be anybody.
Leave it all… I am having my exams and I should really focus on that only, I don’t like studying but who on this earth does?? :)
I just want to get into business as soon as possible and to hell with these people. I am not going to be affected by any of them. :)