Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ye Duniya....!

Since I read many books on various topics I developed the habit of studying people and their behavior.
Observations are damn shocking. People are really cheap. Everybody speaks of thousand of things but never keep their own words. It really sets me off that how people become so selfish that they fail to see the great values of life.
You can’t trust anyone this world except your family and close friends. The best thing is to trust on God, he is always with us and sees everything.
I wonder why I am writing about these terribly selfish people. May be because these people are everywhere or may be anybody.
Leave it all… I am having my exams and I should really focus on that only, I don’t like studying but who on this earth does?? :)
I just want to get into business as soon as possible and to hell with these people. I am not going to be affected by any of them. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tu Jane Naa....

You can’t make someone love you. All you can do is to love her and expect nothing in return and in the situation when you love someone truly but don’t get love back, its really tough to realize the fact.

Some experiences are soul-stirring but you got to face them with courage. Then you learn to give up and giving up does not always mean that you are weak, sometimes it means you are brave enough to let go…..

Well I am not a preacher but it’s all I felt and learned from my experience. One more thing I felt is the aim of conversation, be it face-to-face or on cell phone, is only to understand what is not said. Everyone understands what is said but few understand what is unsaid. I have understood the unsaid that I should now move on towards new destinations and I am ready for it.

I’ve traveled a lot but I want to travel more n more… I don’t want any destination, just journey…

Well it’s my natural flow of thoughts n I hope it make some sense… :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Because of eventful and satisfying last night, I got up late today. Diwali is near and therefore all are busy in cleaning up their houses and same is the case in my home.

After taking shower I came in the dining room and I felt very lousy smell there. I told to mummi about that and she said it might be because of the dirty clothes but I said it smells like a rat and soon we discovered a dead dog behind the bed.

Now who’ll pick it?? I called some of my friends and they tried to arrange a man to take it out but failed all.
Eventually I bought a man for 100 rs. And he came with his equipments. We all were frustrated enough now as all our work was delayed only because of that dog. All neighbors had become aware of this news and all were interested in our next step.

I personally did not want to make much fuss about it but it was inevitable. But the climax was great fun. :) As the man entered the home and pushed bed aside that dead dog suddenly stood up and ran out of house and all the people around felt a pang of fear or laughter. I could not control my laughter as well as most of the neighbors. It has become a public issue in the meanwhile and some close relatives also called to know about the situation and were shocked to know that the dead dog ran. :)

This incident left us in the very jolly mood and all are now with full of energy as they got their overdose of laughter. :) The day is not over yet and I hope for an eventful evening and night as well. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


It never happens what we think. In all the circumstances of life I have realised it and now I strongly feel about it.

What we call life is a journey and this journey is always incomplete. It can only be felt complete when one is in company of Love. Everyone feel atleast once that his life is complete but, I never felt it and let me say that nobody's life is complete.

All desire and believe that someday they'll be complete. That day might be when they find a loving girl, caring family, gud job or a big house, any or all of these, but this day never arrives. Even if it arrives, the sense of completeness absent.

Only few days ago I was very happy and exultant that my life is going to be settled soon as I am getting everything I wanted but the truth is what I said earlier that you never get what you exactly want. You only get more MATURE. This maturity is worthless, To Hell with this maturity. But its Life... Chalta hai....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Atlas Shrugged

College has started again after a long vacation, All friends are readjusting themselves in the cooling environment of Dehradun.

I have also got big plans for this Sem. I never thought of job in the whole year, only enjoyed the environment and had fun with friends, but now I'll have to seriously look for a job and campus placement.

But for now I have free time in abundance and therefore I have started reading my unfinished novel "Atalas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. I have been a big reader of fiction novels but my interest in share and commodity market and investing habit kept me away from reading my favourites. Because movement of market takes so much energy and efforts of mine that I can't concentrate on anything else. Ayn Rand is an awesome novelist and I love reading Ayn Rand since I read "Fountainhead".

After coming here again I have become an oblivion about market and therefore I can concentrate on my novel.. :))

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ohhh Shit.....!!

Money lost nothing lost.
Heath lost something lost..
Character lost everything lost…

In my eyes this maxim is used for two kinds of people. First are those who have done something morally wrong and second for those who have lost a huge amount of money and people consoling him by saying this.

The day I started trading in Indian Commodity market, my mind is focused just on it. I am not eating, sleeping and doing anything timely. I could not sleep peacefully many nights just thinking about tomorrow’s move of commodities and my strategies for them.

But very soon I have realized that money making is not that easy. Today nobody could anticipate the trend of commodities and I also suffered a huge loss. I am studying and not started earning yet. Therefore, I did not reveal this news to my parents yet. Its 11:45 pm and sleep is faraway from my eyes. I am thinking about how I would tell it to them that I have sunk their money.

I don’t know much about Commodity market, I just follow my friend’s advice, he knows much better. But he has also lost 10 times more than me. Now I feel that Indian Commodity market is a pure gamble. All charts, trends are failed in it and it move haphazardly. I never give up anything but I have given up commodity trading for next 6 months till I come back to home next time for long and my friend has also given it up for 2 months.

I was in a party when I got this news and people around me were consoling me by saying that money lost is nothing lost.
Now I am just thinking about how I’ll tell them about this loss tomorrow morning… :(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shameful performance of Indian Team....

The way India played in this 20-20 world cup, whole nation is more shocked than sad. The way Dhoni played against West-Indies, all Indians were baffled that it is 20-20 or Test cricket. If Dhoni is not comfortable in 20-20 cricket then he should have thought of this as one-day cricket but what was the need to play Test Cricket in 20-20 matches.

He should realize that Cricket is not only a game in India but a Religion. When playing against England all felt that India is not playing to win, I also had the feeling that the match is fixed. Dhoni is main villain in this chapter. Even if India wins against South Africa in the last match of super eight, it’s not going to make any difference. And let me tell you that India will win this match because they have to reach home country after this match and they could imagine the kind of welcome they may receive at the Airports.

Dhoni should realize that feeling of billions of Indians is more important than anything, especially more important than money and brand value. Indian team has made all Indians feel shame not for loosing but for loosing in the intolerable way… :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009


GHAJINI is the excellent movie. From the day I watched Ghajini I have become a great fan of Asin.
I am completely driven by her. She is so beautiful that her image is still floating in my eyes.

The dialogue delivery of Asin is so real and charming.The character played by her i.e. “Kalpana” is such a character that nobody else could have played that role that beautifully. When I watched Ghajini for the first time, it was midnight and when Ghajini murdered Kalpana I was deeply disturbed, my eyes were dark red and I could not stop thinking about that wicked scene.

After watching Ghajini my idea for perfect girl has also changed. Now she should be only like Asin. People say that Asin is not so very beautiful but she looks gorgeous to me. Now my ideal match , at least in nature, should be like Kalpana. She is so charming that I am unable to resist myself thinking about her.

If I were the Director of Ghajini then I would not have let Kalpana murdered like that. She should have lived.
I am so impressed by Asin that I eventually decided to write a blog about her. This blog is dedicated to beautiful Asin…J))

Monday, March 16, 2009

Home or Away...

It feels my heart with joy whenever I come home. It’s the home only where I get adjusted just as I reach here. And at all other places it takes some time to adjust. And as the day of leaving comes closer I get little nervous. I think it happens to everybody.

There are so many differences in living at home and away from home. One thing I have noticed that whenever I have a siesta in Doon I feel that the world has gone 2 steps ahead of me where as at home, after having a siesta, I feel that its morning. :) I guess that it’s a kind of peace or relief that can be felt at home only. And home is the only place where one can be his true self.

But being away from home has some great advantages like u get to know people from varying backgrounds and cultures. U get to know about their culture and opinions. The most important thing u learn from traveling is u learn to carry urself and u learn that everything has to be leaved once and we are alone in the journey of life. Of course family and friends are always with us but we need to learn to adjust with the different situations of our life.

Therefore to be happy one must learn to live in present. Whatever was past, whatever may be future but enjoy present. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

fun vanished...!

It’s our exam time and during the free time it’s our favorite pastime to lift any of our friends on the terrace and act like throwing him down. Though we don’t throw him but the one who is lifted clearly sees his life end. He feels so scared that starts shouting and it gives a lot of pleasure.

On my turn, same was the case with me. Once we three friends were enjoying on the terrace and came another neighborhood friend and we lifted him. One aunty was watching all these activities and thought that we are really throwing him down. She started yelling so I left the group and became a bystander. But rest of my friends continued and suddenly in this chaos his elbow struck the floor and he winced with pain. We were not taking it seriously and were laughing. But when the pain became unbearable we took him to the hospital and a serious fracture on his left elbow was detected.

We were shocked by the report. An operation was necessary and his parents were called. All our fun was vanished and enormous pressure was on us for misdeed. His parents came at 2 am and next day was our final paper of accounts. We were in tremendous pressure and a back in tomorrow’s paper was inevitable.
This incident left us in the sense of guilt. An innocent suffered because of silly behavior of us. The three of us were – Rahul, Abhishek and obviously me (Sachin). :(