Monday, March 16, 2009

Home or Away...

It feels my heart with joy whenever I come home. It’s the home only where I get adjusted just as I reach here. And at all other places it takes some time to adjust. And as the day of leaving comes closer I get little nervous. I think it happens to everybody.

There are so many differences in living at home and away from home. One thing I have noticed that whenever I have a siesta in Doon I feel that the world has gone 2 steps ahead of me where as at home, after having a siesta, I feel that its morning. :) I guess that it’s a kind of peace or relief that can be felt at home only. And home is the only place where one can be his true self.

But being away from home has some great advantages like u get to know people from varying backgrounds and cultures. U get to know about their culture and opinions. The most important thing u learn from traveling is u learn to carry urself and u learn that everything has to be leaved once and we are alone in the journey of life. Of course family and friends are always with us but we need to learn to adjust with the different situations of our life.

Therefore to be happy one must learn to live in present. Whatever was past, whatever may be future but enjoy present. :)