Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ufff... ye garmi..!!

Global warming has started exhibiting its serious effects. The temperature of earth is varying significantly. The ice of both the poles is melting very fast and sea level is increasing.

We can observe its effects in weather. I used to like summer season a lot. But I no more like summer because of very high temperature. Only few years ago the summers were meant to enjoy holidays and to travel but in the temp. Of 45 – 47’ c. you cannot afford to go anywhere.

Summers are becoming hotter and winters more cool. Nature is behaving very strangely but its not her fault its only because of we all. We’ll have to make earth green in order to save it. Forests should be preserved and trees should be plant all over the world.

Situation in India is worse and is expected to get worst in coming years. Temp. is already above 45 and the hottest nine days of the year called “nautapa” have not started yet. Wind is warm at all 24 hrs of days; there is no relief even in night. Scorching sunlight has caused thousands of people to die.
The hot weather has made me restless I don’t know how to face this summer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rich dad poor dad - Summary

Hi... As one of my friend asked for a small summary of one of my favorite book 'Rich dad poor dad' .. here I go .. (apologize for delay clouds :) )...

1. Describes what a poor parent teaches their children about money as oppose to what rich parents teach their children about money.

2. Poor and middle class work for money. Rich have money work for them.

3. Financial literacy - Money without financial intelligence is money gone soon.

4. Buy assets and reduce liability...but hardest thing is to differentiate between asset and liability

5. Cash flow of rich and poor people (one of my favorite topics of the book)

Assets - Put money to your pocket e.g. share, business etc.
Liabilities - Takes money out of your pocket e.g. home (yes, he challenges the very notion of home being the greatest investment, car etc.)

How to increase the asset quadrant and reduce the liability quadrant -

6. Describes Power of taxes. How rich use taxes to their advantage -

Rich -- Earn -> Spend -> Pay Tax

Poor -- Earn -> Pay Tax -> Spend

(see the reversal in order of Pay tax and Spend)

7. Practical tips on how to begin and act.

The great thing about the book is that its not a 'get rich quick' book. It doesn't teach you any shortcut for getting rich, but it teaches you the financial wisdom which can help you increase your wealth.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Tribute to GOD of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is really God of Cricket. Almost all the records of cricket are owned by him. There are no apparent weaknesses in Tendulkar’s game. He can score all around the wicket, off both front foot and back, can tune his technique to suit every condition, temper his game to suit every situation, and has made runs in all parts of the world in all conditions.

Some of his finest performances have come against Australia, the overwhelmingly dominant team. He is really most complete batsman of the world. Sachin is soon going to make another record of having most followers as since he joined Twitter.
Tendulkar’s considerable achievements seem greater still when looked at in the light of the burden of expectations he has had to bear from his adoring but somewhat unreasonable followers. We all need to follow Sachin on Twitter so that he makes another record and once again make the nation proud.

Tendulkar is a living legend but still he lives a very simple family life. He celebrates his birthday with simplicity and he is a family man. He is in real sense, youth icon of world. After making 200 runs in ODI, the world is sure that Sachin would be first and last man to make 100 centuries in International Cricket.