Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was sitting outside my shop with few boys who work in my fast-food shop. Next to my shop is a ladies tailor and lots of gorgeous girls come to his shop.

Yesterday evening few girls were trying to start their scooty bike but could not, and we were just watching them. I told one of the boys to help her in starting her bike, as it’s a culture in India to help the girls with their bikes. But he seemed to enjoy her frustration and didn’t go. Then one of the girl told him- “ Tum bas bethe-bethe dekhte raho help nahi kar sakte kya? “ (Why don’t you help instead of seeing us struggling?)

I burst into laughter after hearing her unexpected remark and so the girl. He went to her tried hard to start her bike. I also went to her and she started telling me about the problem her bike has and suddenly her bike starts. A big smile come on her face she said me thank you very much and went away. That boy saw me and said in frustration I started her bike and the stupid girl not even said thank you, all people and few customers witnessed this scene and could not control their laughter….